Newtown High School Attendance 

The Attendance Office is located in the F WING OFFICE

Attendance Line 203-426-7656

Please be sure to call the Attendance Line 203-426-7656 and leave a message when your student will be absent from school or late.

 If a student is coming to school late, please have them sign in at the front desk and then report to the attendance office.

 For Early Dismissal please have your student come to the attendance office in the morning before 9am with a parent note, the student will then receive a early dismissal pass and be able to exit the building during school hours.

 If a student does not have a note, a parent will have to come into the building with a photo ID and sign out their student.

Please have students acquire a doctors note or a note from the office they had to visit, which caused them to miss school.


For school dances please be aware that a student must be in school for the entire school day to         attend a dance.

 More information on Attendance is located in the Student Handbook.